Why is hate such an easy word at the Dentist? From the mouth of a dental assistant

I’m sure 90% of you have heard yourself say “I hate the Dentist” and 100% of you would have heard someone else say “I hate going to the Dentist.”

There are so many reasons why people dislike the Dentist, be it past experience or even just a fear for no apparent reason. It’s a fact of life like death and taxes that we need to take care of our body and as hard as it is to admit, our teeth are in fact a part of that body. We go to hairdressers or barbers regularly to upkeep our hair, we go to the doctors to keep in good health and heck men and women even pay to have people rip the hair out of their skin on a regular basis as a regular upkeep. So why is going to the Dentist such a hated event and how can we change your opinion?

Most of you now would have definitely said “you don’t have a chance of changing my opinion.” I get it we all hate the dreaded 2 “P” words (pain and price). Pain is again a part of life we cannot avoid and in Dental the more you avoid the “pain” the worse the pain is going to get. We have heard it all before that “I’ll come in when it hurts” then you have a tooth ache and go the Dentist, so what hurt going to the Dentist or the fact that there was a tooth ache beforehand? Which pain is better? The pain of a problem causing all sorts of health issues or the inconvenience of a preventative appointment to avoid pain.

Price is always an issue and in the world today prices are going up and wages are staying the same. Some things that people used to prioritise have now fallen into the “too expensive” basket. Most of us have cars and they are one of the biggest money pits in our everyday life fuel, tyres, cleaning and services. We all know if we take our cars in for more regular services they can be reasonably priced yet if we let it go then we take it in and all of a sudden it’s a “major” service and the price has more than doubled or even worse you’re driving along the highway and your wheel fly’s off? Now imagine your teeth are like a car you haven’t been in for your regular service and you’re eating a delicious pie and a tooth flies out? How embarrassing. Your teeth need regular servicing and the longer it is left the more expensive it tends to be.

As for previous experiences unfortunately these happen, either rude staff, painful infection resulting in painful treatment or even simply feeling over charged and underappreciated. So here’s my rebuttal for this reasoning. Have you ever been on a horrible date? A body cringing, mind numbing AWFUL date! I know I have and although the thought of sitting through another date made me think “I would prefer to have my tooth pulled” the next date I went on I didn’t say “I hate you, the last date I had was horrible so you must be as well”. Well this is how Dentist’s feel. They feel that you have gone on a horrible date and now they are being punished for it. I have worked with many different Dentist’s in my lifetime and believe me they all aren’t the same.

We go back to the same doctor, the same hairdresser, the same mechanic and the same beautician because you trust them. You know that they have your best interests at heart and they will only do what’s best for you. So this is our aim we want you to build that relationship and start to trust the Dentist and know that they DO have your best interests at heart even if it doesn’t feel that way when they have their hands and face all up in your personal space. They are people too and developing trust is very important to us, we even have hideous photos of ourselves on our website www.norfolkvillagedental.com.au that you can all look at and laugh. Get to know us and reap the benefits of regular check-ups and cleans to keep your teeth pearly white and preferably in your mouth.