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Preventative dental care in Ormeau

Preventative Care

One of the key focuses to ensure optimum dental health for our patients is to promote and to lower the incidence of periodontal (gum) disease for our patients. Regular visits to the dentist, every 6 months and a programme of cleaning and oral hygiene and dietary advice is helping to achieve this for our patients.

Teeth Whitening Ormeau

Cosmetic Dentistry

Get the smile you want. We provide a range of dental procedures to correct tooth alignment, cosmetic appearance

Preventative dental care in Ormeau

Missing Teeth

Often our patients may be missing a tooth, this may be due to a sports injury, a decayed tooth or even a tooth that is missing genetically. There are several options that can be offered to our patients including implants, bridges and dentures.

Preventative dental care in Ormeau


If a patient is missing all of their natural teeth, full dentures are constructed to restore the patients’ ability to chew and to facilitate a beautiful, natural smile. We are also able to construct immediate dentures, which as the name suggests are fitted immediately following dental extractions. This ensures that our patients do not have to go a single day without teeth.

If a patient has only a few missing teeth, a partial denture can be constructed in order to fill in the gaps. These can be made of acrylic or chrome.

Crowns Ormeau


There are times when teeth have been too badly damaged or may have undergone trauma that they simply cannot be restored by a filling. If this is the case the teeth need to be restored by a crown. This is made from porcelain or other precious metal such as gold and will sit over the tooth once it has been prepared by the dentist.

Crowns are designed to last many years and should with optimum care and attention. Crowns are placed following root canal therapy as this follows best practice due to the tooth becoming quite brittle and at risk of fracturing as the nerve has been removed.

Dental implants Ormeau


A dental implant is the best solution to replace a missing tooth if the patient and their situation are applicable. Implants are fixed in place and do not require ant treatment to the adjacent teeth. The implant is usually placed in two stages, a titanium fixture is placed in the jaw bone and the integration process commences. Once this is complete, the second stage is to place a crown over the implant.

Implants may also be utilised to stabilise a denture in patients who have missing teeth. This method allows for more stability of the denture for the patient.

Fillings Ormeau


Tooth decay and cavities are caused by bacteria in the mouth that sits on the teeth in a sticky coating known as plaque. The Western diet of refined carbohydrates, sugary foods combine with the bacteria to produce acids that attacks the teeth and damages the tooth’s structure. Some patients do not realise that they have cavities until the damage has become extensive as the outer enamel of the tooth has no nerves.

It is only when the cavity becomes deeper that the patient may experience pain. Regular 6 monthly check ups are advocated so problems can be identified sooner. We use the latest in modern white filling materials to ensure our patients have a metal free appearance.

Bridges Ormeau


Bridges may be utilised if you have a missing tooth or multiple missing teeth. They are made from porcelain and are fixed into place using the adjacent teeth as anchors.

The procedure is usually completed over two visits, the dentist prepares the tooth or teeth and then an impression is taken and sent off to the dental laboratory where the fabrication of the bridge is carried out. Once complete it is cemented into place at the second visit.

Our dentists will ensure that any question regarding the procedures and costs will be discussed thoroughly allowing you to make the best possible choices.

Veneers Ormeau


We can offer veneers to our patients who may be concerned about the appearance of their teeth. Porcelain veneers are a thin layer of restorative material that are placed over the teeth to hide discolouration, chips, misalignment or damaged teeth. They are usually used on front teeth to improve our patients appearance and to give them back their wonderful smiles.

Extractions Ormeau


Our aim here is to retain and restore our patients’ teeth. However there are times this may not be possible. If a dental extraction is required, we aim to make the process quick and pain free with a minimum amount of discomfort.

Wisdom teeth Ormeau

Wisdom teeth

Our aim here is to retain and restore our patients’ teeth. However there are times this may not be possible. If a dental extraction is required, we aim to make the process quick and pain free with a minimum amount of discomfort.

Root canal treatments Ormeau

Root canal treatments

If a tooth is left with a large cavity and the decay has become extensive, it may not be possible to fill the tooth with a conventional filling. This is because the decay has entered the nerve cavity of the tooth and caused the nerve to die.

This can cause severe pain, swelling and infection. In order to treat this, the nerve needs to be removed from the tooth and an artificial substance put in its place. Although this sounds a daunting procedure we use state of the art equipment to make your experience much more positive. The dentists have a large amount of experience carrying out root canal treatment

Orthodontics Ormeau


We offer a range of orthodontic services at the practice. Including fixed braces and the Myobrace system.

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